Joint conference of two IUFRO units: 1.01.09 Ecology and Silviculture of Fir and 1.01.10
Ecology and Silviculture of Pine
The 17th International Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Fir
The 6th International Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Pine

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Dr. Mustafe  Pintola 23. Ilidža, 71 000 Sarajevo

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Abies & Pinus 2022

Fir and pine management in the changeable environment: risks and opportunities

Joint conference of two IUFRO units: 1.01.09 Ecology and Silviculture of Fir and 1.01.10 Ecology and Silviculture of Pine

The 17thInternational Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Fir

The 6thInternational Conference on Ecology and Silviculture of Pine


Fir and pine forests are widely represented around the world and play important ecological, economic and social roles.

There are several risks and opportunities to be addressed when managing these forests in a changeable environment. Climate change might affect fir and pine forest dynamics (regeneration, growth, and mortality), and requires adaptive management strategies. In Europe silver fir and Scots pine have played an important role in the development of silviculture and forest management. However, there are many other fir and pine species distributed mainly in the northern hemisphere of the globe. Some of the species are under the threat of extinction while some others might be dominant tree species at a landscape or even regional spatial scale. The latter is the case of fir in North America or in some countries in the Balkan Peninsula. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, well-known virgin forests composed also of silver fir have inspired many silviculturists and ecologists for decades. In the country, uneven-aged silviculture has a rich tradition. Fir timber is economically the most important product on the timber market. The increased demand for sustainable materials is likely to be reflected in the increasing pressure to which forests are exposed.

The conference is an opportunity to share knowledge and management experiences on different fir and pine species across the globe. The participation of experts and scientists from different countries and various disciplines is desired.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is a wild, attractive, and picturesque country with multi-cultural societies, and dramatic and sometimes also sad history. The hosting of this international conference responds to the global challenge of recognizing the importance of forests, as set out in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Looking forward to meeting you in Sarajevo and Bosnian forests!


  • Stand dynamics of fir and pine forests: regeneration, growth, mortality, dendrochronology, and soil fertility
  • Ecology and management of fir and pine species in changeable environment
  • Gene pool and provenances of fir and pine species: improving their adaptability to a changing environment
  • Providing products and ecosystem services from fir and pine forests
  • Silviculture and management planning given the pressure on wood requirements


19-22 September 2022.


Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


19 Sep: arrival of participants, registration and welcome reception

20 Sep: first day of the conference (opening, keynote & sessions, poster session)

21 Sep: second day of the conference (keynote & sessions, in-conference tour, conference dinner)

22 Sep: third day of the conference (keynote & sessions, presentations, business meeting, closing)

23-25 Sep: post conference tour


IUFRO WP 1.01.09 Ecology and silviculture of fir

IUFRO WP 1.01.10 Ecology and silviculture of pine

Faculty of Forestry, University of Sarajevo

Scientific Committee

Dr. Dalibor Ballian, University of Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina

Prof. Andrej Bončina, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Dr. Dorota Dobrowolska, Forest Research Institute, Poland

Dr. Cristina Gonçalves, Universityof Évora, Portugal

Dr. Teresa De Jesus Fidalgo Fonseca, Universityof Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, Portugal

Dr. Toshiaki Owari, The University of Tokyo, Japan

Doc. dr. Admir Avdagić, University of Sarajevo, Bosna and Herzegovina

Local Organizing Committee

Prof. dr. Ahmet Lojo

Prof. dr. Rifat Škrijelj

Prof. dr. Mirza Dautbašić

Prof. dr. Velid Halilović

Prof. dr. Azra Čabaravdić

Prof. dr. Ćemal Višnjić

Prof. dr. Fatima Pustahija

Prof. dr. Faruk Bogunić

Prof. dr. Sead Vojniković


Selected papers are going to be published in peer-reviewed journals

Conference website

Important dates

October 2021: conference website

January 2022: detailed announcement

May2022: abstract submission

August 2022: registration

Conference Secretary

Dr. Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić

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