Background and objectives

The international conference Sustainable Legacy: Education, Research, and Perspectives in Forestry and Urban Greenery is highly significant from a scientific, national, international, and social standpoint. It will enable an exceptional contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, the critical exchange of viewpoints, and the improvement of visibility and internationalization. This conference serves as a vital platform for researchers, academicians, and experts from various fields to present and share their cutting-edge research and knowledge in the fields of forestry and urban greening. At the national level, the conference plays a key role in promoting achievements and celebrating 75 years of existence and work of the Faculty of Forestry of the University of Sarajevo. By organizing this international conference, the Faculty of Forestry highlights the importance of promoting sustainable forestry and green urban areas as key pillars of ecological well-being, economic growth, and societal resilience. This conference will bring together: scientists, professionals, decision-makers, and stakeholders to discuss and consider strategies, policies, and best practices that can be implemented at the national level to improve forest resources and urban green spaces. By creating a common understanding and fostering collaboration, this conference acts as a catalyst for the development and implementation of sustainable practices in forest management, urban planning, and green infrastructure. The presentation of different perspectives, experiences and expertise at this conference leads to the formulation of holistic, context-specific solutions that can be implemented globally. By fostering international networking and collaboration, this conference strengthens collective efforts toward a sustainable and resilient future for forests and urban environments. Focus areas include:

  • Education, research, and perspectives in forestry
  • Education, research, and perspectives in urban greenery

Target audience

  • Scientists from forestry and urban greenery
  • Professionals from forestry and urban greenery, environmental and political organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations for environmental protection and conservation
  • Employees from public forest administration
  • Students with interests in forestry and urban greenery

Symposium venue and accommodation

The Symposium will take place in Sarajevo (the precise location and hotel will be determined later), the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Transport information

Airplane connection:


Tentative schedule

Thursday, November 30th 2023:Arrival to Sarajevo and Desk Registration
Friday, December 1st 2023:Desk Registration Welcome Addresses and Opening of the Conference Solemn Academy Oral presentations (plenary) Coffee break Oral presentations (plenary) Lunch Oral presentations (parallel sessions) Coffee break Oral presentations (parallel sessions) Coffee break Conclusions and closure of the Conference Free evening
Saturday, December 2nd 2023:Departure from Sarajevo

Important dates and deadlines

Submission of abstracts (first call):August 31st, 2023
Notice on accepted abstracts:          September 11th, 2023
Registration (sending the registration form): Registration formNovember 10th, 2023
ConferenceDecember 1st, 2023

Abstracts, presentations and publications

Authors are invited to submit their proposals for papers/posters through an abstract (1 page) no later than the deadline specified above (August 31st, 2023). The abstracts should include the title, author(s) name, institution and contact details (including email address), and keywords. The abstract should be in doc or docx format. The proposers are invited to mention the session they would like to have their presentation take part in. Acceptance will be based on the relevance of the topics of the conference. The Proceedings of abstracts will be available as a part of the conference package. The Scientific Committee is considering the possibility to select some high-quality papers and publishing them in a special issue of Works of the Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo or other peer-reviewed journals. Presentations at the conference will be organized into thematic sessions. Each session will have a chairperson, who will introduce the presenters, control presentation time, and lead the discussion after the presentations. Presentation time is 15 minutes followed by 5 minutes of discussions.

The Scientific committee in charge of assessing the proposals may not take into consideration those that arrived out of time, or not fitting to the formal requirements. The template for the preparation of the abstract can be downloaded here:

Scientific Committee

Rifat Škrijelj, University of Sarajevo

Mirza Dautbašić, University of Sarajevo

Ahmet Lojo, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Dalibor Ballian, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Muhamed Bajrić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Mersudin Avdibegović, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Tarik Treštić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Sead Vojniković, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Besim Balić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Jusuf Musić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Ćemal Višnjić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Organizing Committee

Bruno Marić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Amila Brajić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Mirzeta Memišević Hodžić, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo

Jelena Knežević, Faculty of Forestry University of Sarajevo


The web page of the conference:

Email: Bruno Marić,

 Amila Brajić,

The city of Sarajevo offers numerous cultural events and historical experiences. We look forward to seeing you in Sarajevo in December 2023!

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